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Oxygen, Inc. cannot and does not offer medical advice.

Mad Mike

"Pimp My Ride"

The Chameleon  Bar by: is our premiere color changing Oxygen Bar.

Features exclusive Color Technology and a Bass Reactive Music Interface, as well as 16 million digital color resolution, programmable

effects and behind the bar color changing receiver that shows the current color and lighting effects... all controlled by a credit card thin

remote control. The Chameleon bar is also constructed of Aircraft Aluminum making it not only the Lightest but the TALLEST bubble bar you can buy not to mention the highest quality and attention to detail available with up to 5 bubble walls! Full 360 degree viewing angle.

One person can load and unload and set up our entire 8 person bar.

Watch the AERO G-Unit on MTV'S PIMP MY RIDE

When quality matters...

The Superlative Quality Oxygen Bar Manufacturing, Rental and Oxygen Product Development Company.

Our Oxygen Bars, Aroma Stations, and

Products are Made in the USA with pride and care in every step.

OxygenInc is proud to also announce our World Wide Opportunity:


Full Gourmet Menu, Coffee, Tea, Bubble Tea, Bar, Aquaceuticals, Nutriceuticals and Cosmeceuticals and of course Oxygen!

This is a FIRST CLASS full franchise Opportunity! CALL TO JOIN OUR TEAM

Franchise not required to purchase our world class equipment.

Contact us for your instant price quote for your Oxygen Bar event. Please ask about our lowest price Guarantee.

We are FULLY INSURED and only use safe compliant equipment.

Others Imitate ~ We Innovate 

The best oxygen equipment money can buy.

XZIBIT and the Crew

Oxygen, Inc. Equipment moves into 7 new Countries in 30 Days!

The Aero G-4000 and Colorstorm bar have proven themselves to be the highest quality and most in-demand Oxygen Bar equipment in the World.

Not to mention the best looking ;-)

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Commercial Grade

Oxygen, Inc. Equipment Chosen by Cerveza Corona for 40 Day 9 City Tour Serving 32 People at Once!

New Colored LED's

Oxygen, Inc. The Art of Oxygen Bars

#1 Tanning Franchise in the World Contracts Oxygen, Inc. After over 2 years of Equipment Testing!

                                                          Oxygen, Inc. when Quality Matters!

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OxygenInc Chosen by Specialized Bicycles for 2008 Tour!